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Our Services

West Side Renovators offers all types of Cincinnati home remodeling work including:

  • interior and exterior painting
  • kitchen and baths
  • cabinets
  • tile work
  • carpentry
  • flooring
  • decks and patios
  • room additions
  • pressure washing
  • window glazing
  • window and door replacement
  • drywall and plaster hanging and repair
  • custom paint and stain matching
  • deck staining and repair
  • repair or replacement of damaged wood
  • Exterior Painting and Repair

    At West Side Renovators we make every effort to insure that our jobs are properly prepared for a paint finish. We always pressure wash, sand, scrape or replace any damaged or rotten wood. We believe in a two coat system of paint, one primer and one finish coat of exterior top grade house paint. We caulk all gaps and fill all nail holes. We also make sure all entry doors and windows are properly caulked.

    Did you know that aluminum siding can be painted? Over the many years we have been in business, West Side Renovators has field tested quite a number of products and we know what works best in this area of the country. The properties that we maintain always have a freshly painted look and last for several years.

    We work with property management companies and homeowner associations to insure their buildings are properly maintained and kept on a proper maintenance schedule. One of our customers, Rentz Management, has been using are services for over 20 years.

    All our employees have had background checks and meet our qualifications. In addition, we offer senior citizen discounts!

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